September Update

September is a magical migration month for many of our bird friends who have journeyed north. We start to see the young heading back south for the winter with their parents. Since birds are not calling as much as the leaves are still on the trees, it is a tough time to get good sightings and photos. But since I’m always up for a challenge, I spent several blissful hours chasing down nice bird sightings. I hope you enjoy September’s crew.

Wilson’s Snipe is one of my favorite migrants I have only seen in the fall. I love their long beak they use for digging up food in the mud. I saw this one with another (possibly its sibling) early on a Sunday at Battelle Darby wetlands trail.

Warblers are another group of my favorite migrants. These are a pair of Tennessee Warblers splashing in a stream at Mohican State Park. I always think about it like a rest stop on a long trip when I see them taking a bath, doing some cute splashing at the end of the day.

Great Blue Heron strikes a perfect pose. These herons are not migratory as far as I know but I couldn’t resist including this lovely shot in my post of the month. This particular heron seemed perfectly at home and groomed and grunted during its photo shoot.

I saw one Ovenbird in September and this is it. Another warbler migrating through, Ovenbirds spend more time on the ground than many warblers. You would think that would mean I would see them more often but as you can tell their coloring helps them blend right in.