Lessons from a Birdbrain: Central Belize

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Lessons from a Birdbrain Central Belize combines beginning birdwatching, photography and mindfulness by introducing 21 birds I photographed in spring.  These are generally birds that would be relatively common and easy to spot in a brief visit.  Along with each bird, I have paired a concept related to mindfulness and personal growth.  During the time I spend birding, I typically reflect  and become open to what the universe is teaching me at that time through that bird.

Belize is an AWESOME birding location, being home to over 580 birds who migrate or reside there.  Belize offers sea going birds along the coasts and a wide variety of inland habitats, including lush, tropical jungles, orchards, mangrove forests, and mountainous regions.  Located beside Mexico and Guatemala to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, Belize is an important travel route for many birds who spend colder months in South America and move north to the United States and Canada in the spring and summer to breed.

I hope readers will enjoy learning about these amazing birds from central Belize and embark on their own journey to travel themselves, physically, mentally and/or spiritually through connecting with the natural world.