May Update

No other time of the year is more exciting for birding in Ohio than now, early May. As I write this blog, unusual visitors are hopping about in the treetops of my backyard and neighborhood. Who woulda thought a Black-throated Green warbler would hang out in an urban setting? I hope you are enjoying the warming temperatures and beautiful days of May as much as I am.

Bald Eagle baby a.k.a. tiny dinosaur

Two eaglets arrived in our local nest in late May and people from all over have enjoyed watching them grow up.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

One of the many migrating species who, in my mind, is brave to migrate the distance he or she will go. Not sure why the term ‘yellow-bellied’ arose to imply someone who is not brave.

Blue-winged Teal

Ever think to yourself “why do they call that bird a (color + body part) that? I’m not seeing it. Well here you go, a Blue-winged Teal shows his lovely blue wing patch which I almost never see.

Eastern Towhee

One of my favorite spring sounds / calls is the beautiful whistle of the Eastern Towhee. They often hide well in forests and bushes so tough to see but in spring, they are vocal and more visible.