May Update

Despite what the calendar tells me, I’m pretty sure May is the shortest month of the year. May has to be at least a week shorter than February, based on how quickly it flies by. And so here we are looking back on another May, for most birders in the northern hemisphere THE best birding month of the year.

Kentucky Warbler takes a breather from singing. I started the month of May with a trip to Tar Hollow State Park. I highly recommend Tar Hollow for seeing summer warbler species that are not as common including these, Hooded Warblers and Louisiana Waterthrush.

Blue-winged Warbler also on a song break. The buzzy call / song of the Blue-winged Warbler alerted me to this one’s presence. I got a decent case of ‘warbler neck’ trying to get a good video and visual but I was fine with that as these are not in Ohio long…so a little pain was worth it.

White-crowned Sparrow rests. Did you know some birds in the same species may migrate while others don’t? Fun fact, the White-crowned Sparrows along the Pacific coast don’t migrate while this one in Ohio was probably on its way up to arctic Canada, way up there.

Yellow Warbler song break. Despite being considered fairly common, I don’t tire of hearing the songs and seeing the flash of yellow of Yellow Warblers. I recall the first time hearing and seeing them at Magee Marsh and hearing other birders call it “JUST A…Yellow Warbler” and thinking…this bird is fantastic, how can it be considered on the “JUST A…” list? We all see beauty differently I suppose.