March Update

Perhaps you wouldn’t expect late winter to be good for birding and for the most part, you’re so right. When it’s very cold, birds are hiding out, hanging out waiting for spring. But because the light cycles have started to change, perhaps you’ve also noticed some of our hardier birds have started to sing. I’m frequently hearing Northern Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees and even House Finches crooning a lovely tune in the mornings.

Many larger birds, including owls, ducks and eagles are in full breeding mode with the change of day length. Here in Ohio, we’ve had a pretty mild winter all in all which helped me get out and enjoy walks and taking videos of our local residents.

My featured photos this month are from an eagle couple, Annie and Apollo who have been together for a few years now. They moved their nest from last year a few hundred feet down the river and have, apparently, laid at least one egg in February. Please note, I have taken video for the most part of the lovely couple so the photos are not the highest quality. But one thing in life I’ve learned is to strive for progress over perfection. So please enjoy a sneak peek into Annie and Apollo’s life as, hopefully, parents.

“That looks delicious, can I have some?”

Annie knows it’s crucial to get roughage in her diet

Like most couples, Annie and Apollo sometimes bicker

Work on the house continues. Apollo (?) grabs a stick.