March Update

As I begin this blog, Ohio is doing its whole “April showers bring May flowers” bit. We already have lots of flowers but they probably do need a bit of moisture. In March, I went to Belize where it was SUNNY ALL THE TIME, and they still had flowers. So I think Ohio is being a bit dramatic with the April showers. I must admit, I appreciate the sunny day photos all the more as a result.

Gartered Trogon hangs out for a moment. As I note in my book on birds of Belize, trogons generally make excellent photography subjects as far as birds go because they are colorful and relatively still.

Ivory-billed Woodcreeper prepares to leave the scene. We have Brown Creepers in the eastern U.S. and they are tiny things, about the size of a chickadee. I presume this creeper is in the same family and is impressively large, probably a good 7 inch bird.

Given my love of hummingbirds, a stop at the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch was a must do during the Belize tour. This White-necked Jacobin is opening its mouth to cool off. The ranch grounds are a rich habitat for all kinds of butterflies, birds and other critters.

A Vermilion Flycatcher male perches between food dives. Like other flycatchers, these birds dart rapidly into the air after insects and then often return to the same spot. Unlike other flycatchers, their coloring is anything but dull and they are pretty easy to identify.