July Birds

The birds below can be found in July on the East Coast in states such as Ohio. Click on each bird to learn more about them.

Indigo Bunting
Migrant from Central America
Indigo Bunting

Indigo Buntings are featured in Lessons from a Birdbrain: Summer, Ohio and can also be found in Belize. They make wonderful photography subjects with their stunning color and often announce themselves throughout the summer calling from the tops of trees. I suggest you learn their call so you can look up when one is around and spot it.

Blue Gray Gnatcatcher
Does not like paparazzi
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

These little cuties are also migrants in the Northern and Eastern United States and as the name suggests, they spend a lot of their time darting around catching flying insects. They are not nearly as helpful as photography subjects as Great Egrets or Indigo Buntings though and tend to dart away just as the camera clicks. If you’re looking for a challenge though, they are relatively numerous on bike trails in the summer when gnats are plentiful.