December Update

Hard to believe how quickly December passed. I am lucky to have a wonderful round of holiday activities that keep me hopping all month. On the flip side, the busy-ness and weather keep my birding and photography to a lower level. So if you look at these photos and think “hey, is she just mailing it in this month?”, it would be fair feedback.

Also, we are currently fostering a pair of kittens and their wonderful mom. That has been very distracting in a good yet busy way. They are internet famous, garnering 1.8M likes on Tiktok and 200k on Instagram. They require constant care (not really) and me taking tons of pictures (because I want to). Again, contributing to my posts for December being so-so at best as far as my portfolio goes.

All the same, I hope you enjoy the pictures and more importantly, take time today to breathe, look around and appreciate what is going on around you right this moment. For the good, fun and joyful which is easy to enjoy as well as the sad, hard and taxing which in time makes us stronger and appreciative of the good.

Double-crested Cormorant dries its wings and says “why is it so stinkin’ cold?”

Hooded Mergansers swim away on a cloudy day

Common Goldeneyes avoid me on a chilly day

Great Blue Heron fishes and wishes for spring