August Update

As summer starts to wind down, migratory birds begin their journey south. Parents continue to raise their young and many of the calls you hear at this time of year are juveniles practicing their tunes. I also believe, although I’ve not seen research on it, many calls are families traveling together and communicating their location. I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve taken showing the journey and more importantly that you are enjoying the journey yourself.

Eastern Screech Owl

For sure one of my most exciting finds of August was this Eastern Screech Owl who winked at me. I heard a great commotion of chickadees and titmice and they were sounding the alarm that this owl was nearby. I have never before seen one in the wild so this was quite a thrill. It stayed long enough to get some photos but never came out from behind branches. It knows something I don’t.

Trumpeter Swan Family

Trumpeter Swans have had their challenges from a conservation standpoint so I always find it enjoyable to see their population thriving. This handsome family of 3 babies with their parents was enjoying breakfast at Battelle Darby park on the Teal Trail. They were not cooperating for a family photo with all of them together with heads above water so here’s an action shot. Just like our families, right?

Cooper’s Hawk Juvenile

“Mom, Dad, what’s for breakfast???” This youngster was making a ton of noise and being less than stealthy the morning I saw him or her. I always wonder if the parents come back and ‘shush’ the young for making so much noise. But I get it, I get hangry in the morning too.

Little Blue Heron Juveniles

We don’t often get Little Blue Herons in Ohio, except during migration season. And this year for whatever reason, we’ve had a bunch. This photo was taken at Scioto Audubon and I saw one at Battelle Darby also. They will become blue next spring / summer.