August Happenings

August is the middle of summer and many birds have started preparations to migrate. Adults are in the process of teaching “youngins” where and how to find and catch food. Some birds will molt before migration and will keep a low profile as their new plumage grows. Check out recent photos from around Ohio.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo; Kelleys Island

“Yummy mayfly for you, son”

Indigo Bunting; Meadowbrook Marsh

“Moooooom, don’t take another picture of me, my feathers are messed up!”

House Wren; Scioto Audubon Columbus

These perky, cheerful wrens have already stopped their singing and may have packed
their bags for southern U.S. or even Mexico

Little Blue Heron; Hilliard

A rare visitor to Ohio, this Little Blue Heron is a juvenile who may have decided to strike out
on its own from its parents to find more food…or just because its parents told it to stay put.