April Update

The past month has given us third and fourth winter, as we call it, here in Ohio. Relatively speaking, February weather was much warmer and nicer than March. The good news is spring has officially arrived all the same and a few hearty birds have started to arrive. Despite our dips into freezing temperatures, the trees are starting to bloom, the daffodils and hyacinth are up and the hellebores continue to shine through.

Birdwise, breeding season is in full swing for many species. By now, you may have heard the chorus starting up in the morning with Song Sparrows, Red-winged Blackbirds and House Finches singing their little hearts out. I am back to my “old job” doing technology work for the time being and therefore find any chance to get out birding all the more precious. Every trip out in the field (or even my neighborhood) gives me a welcome pause for my brain.

Song Sparrow has a song in its heart

Cooper’s Hawk checks out my backyard

Brown Thrashers have started calling from treetops

Eastern Meadowlark sings a jaunty tune